In loving memory of Harriet Levene Axelrad (Jan 27, 1916 to Dec 21, 2003)

Funeral was held at Hillside Memorial, Dec. 26, 2003

The Axelrad Family website will be a permanent tribute to Harriet Axelrad's poetry, writings and family history. You are invited to return here for many years to come, to enjoy her writings and her love of family.




Harriet Axelrad
(1916 - 2003)


Youth is a poet
Changing each weathered stone and bit of wood
In surging love.

Maturity is truth
Transforming emotions and garbed fancies
Into stark reality.

Age is ponderance
Immersing each play upon life's stage
In calm philosophy

Harriet's first known poem, age 17, published in
The Annual Scroll, 1933, Temple B'Nai Jehudah
Kancas City, Missouri

Haiku Headlines memorial January (2004) issue
was dedicated to Harriet's Poetry