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Eulogy for Harriet Axelrad

Delivered by Joel Axelrad

As a child, friends would say to me, "I wish my mother was like your mother." I understood how they felt, but I knew their wish could not be fulfilled. No one was like my mother. She was unique.

My mother was a source of wisdom, strength, creativity, compassion and love throughout my life. Harriet wrote this poem last month, titled "Love."


Had I not had the threat of cancer
I would not have known the love that surrounds me
That envelops me as a comfortable blanket
As astonishing as believable…
So much loving is awe-inspiring
With flowers everywhere in my bedroom
And letters to be treasured.
What beauty in the caring and love
I could barely accept it
It is so overwhelming.
-Harriet Axelrad. November 24, 2003

Fifty years ago on this date, my mother brought me into this world. With great love and respect, it is time to say, "Good-bye Mom." The light of your spirit will always shine in my heart.